Embracing New Roads



Embracing New Roads is a program that ignites the attention and actively engages the public to be aware of the social pressures and real-life consequences of driving under substance impairment, driver anger, distracted driving, speed, safe conduct, and courtesy. Let’s start the conversation!

Our Story.

Our goal is to take away the perceived glamour of undesired social acceptance of the above realities including street racing that is portrayed by Hollywood and offer a safe and controlled alternative to unsanctioned and illegal forms of auto racing that occurs on public roads.

Embracing New Roads unquestionably endorses and promotes every aspect of road traffic safety, while at the same time we also feel there are safe, controlled places to express our most powerful desire to “embrace” the fun and excitement of being behind the wheel. Most urban cities in North America have a local motorsport venue, a place to express our ‘Need for Speed’ in a safe, controlled, fun environment.

The Conversation.

We want to have a frank conversation about driving safety.

No Preaching. No Lectures. No Judgement.

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Our Partners.

One of our partners is Blue Line Racing Association (BLRA) which is a nonprofit organization run by a volunteer group of police officers who are all members of the Edmonton Police Service. Blue Line Racing Association is currently in schools sharing the Embracing New Roads message along with Vision Zero.

Sponsorship Opportunities.

Interested in sponsoring Embracing New Roads? We currently have sponsorship packages available. Reach out to us for more information.


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